April 17, 2018


It’s the day after tax season and while many of us are sitting back feeling like we’ve taken our medicine for another year and are happy to forget about the experience for the next 11 months there’s a group of people who can’t really enjoy the relief…. They’re the accounting community.

You see, for the past three months accounting team members across America have closed out 2017 books, survived the annual audit, closed Q1, and now, managed to get all the tax filings submitted. While most of us can now enjoy some relief those accounting folks are trying to catch up on all the other daily details that get pushed aside through the first three months of EVERY year.

So regardless if you’re a customer, vendor, employee, or owner you should take a moment to thank your nearest accountant. The past few weeks have seen them working the uncountable hours and struggling to keep up with the demands of our daily needs – and they usually represent news and information we’d rather not discuss….

So thanks to all the accountants we know. Especially over the past three months when you’ve been so busy and yet so responsive. Thanks for making us all successful!